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QIQI Trading has fabulous reputation as the world’s leading export agent.
QIQI is a professional export agent who is based on the largest china general merchandise trade and distribution center —Yiwu, We also have a 2,400 m² showroom which located  nearby yiwu international market.
Yiwu Wholesale Market
Yiwu is the world's largest distribution center for small commodities.
Yiwu has three major markets: International small commodity market, Huangyuan garments market,
Wuai stock market, Electronic communication market.
Yiwu all markets have 1900 series, Yiwu markets have 170 million products.
Yiwu market products include artificial flower, toys, electric toys, hair ornaments,
jewelry&accessories, home decoration, photo frame, porcelain&crystal, umbrella, handbags,
small household appliances, clocks&watches, electronic products, hardware, kitchen products,
Stationery, pen&ink/paper product, glasses, sports equipment, sports and leisure products,
education toys, garment accessories, button, zipper, mirror and combs, gloves, socks, underwear,  hats,
general merchandise, towels, neckties, shoes, scarves, lace, belts, threads&strings, Textile,
wedding products, bedding products, curtain fabric, Car accessories, etc.........
Affordable products in yiwu, Yiwu markets have great competition power in the world.
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Cooperated  Factories
Qiqi Trading is located in the biggest small commodity trading centre
of the world --- Yiwu,China
About QIQI Trading
Qiqi Trading was founded in 2008. Over 10years experience, we had exported our products to more than 100 countries, what the products we can handle is not only from the Yiwu international market, but also from many factories directly. 
Competitive price from our showroom
Our showroom has more than 2,500 m² and located just one block away from Yiwu international market. Due to long time cooperation with these factories, that’s why they put all of their new products in our showroom, we are sure that if you choose the products from our showroom, it will be much cheaper than international market. 
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