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How To Import Products From Yiwu China

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How many questions did you meet when you are doing business in Yiwu China? Whether you got the best solutions finally? As we roled in business for more than 15 years We list some of the questions normally we met before and got the solutions already.

1. What are your requested product details?

As we all know that Yiwu International Wholesale Market is the biggest small commodity wholesale market all over the world. That’s why if you are interested in small commodity products, Yiwu will be your best choice.


2. Where is the right place to do your purchasing?

Yiwu international market is divided into 5 districts

District 1:

You will get all kinds of artificial flowers & toys at first floor.

Second floor will be the paradise of jewelries & accessories, including stainless steel, alloy, crystal jewelry and all kinds of hair & body accessories.

On the third floor, you can get traditional, fashion, classic artworks and home decoration products

Frankly speaking only a few of customer would like to go fourth floor, a lot of factory’s show room are located there

District 2:

District 2 is connected with district 1 & 3, in the first floor, you can see many bags, luggage box, umbrella, gift packing products

Most of hardware & power tools product are located are second floor.

Third floor is the zone of electrical & electronic products, if you want to buy all these products, you can come here directly.

District 3-5, please see the following articles


3. What kind of VISA do you have to Apply for?

Normally business visa will be fine for most of countries, but some countries need government invitation letters.

It is quite simple to prepare the invitation letter, just need your passport information and approximate date of Arr & Dep.


4. How many days and what kind of hotel do you have to stay and choose there?

Most of our clients prefer 3 day for buying a 20 ft container, 5-7day for buy 40 HQ container.

The hotel price in Yiwu is quite low, usually is from 20 to 100 USD per day. We have contract with most of hotels here, that’s why we can get discount for you.


5. Can We get the right food from there?

Definitely, you can get all kinds of food in Yiwu, because there are more than 100,000 foreigner who are from all over the world, that’s you can get the food what you want.

6. What are the normal charges for the business service?

Normally, we charge Commission / Guiding & Translation Cost / Delivery cost and other special service as your requirement.

7. How to avoid problem from the business deals?

That’s a big question, and you have to double check all the documents, and choose the reliable representative here.

Tips to get an successful importing project.

As we all know that Yiwu international market is the biggest small commodity wholesale market all over the world, there are more than 70,000 shops here and more than 10,000 factories which is located at surrounding areas.

More and more people will concern about how to find the reliable provider, how to import form China smoothly, how to make more profit?

1. Over 40 years development, China is getting richer and richer, but all the prices are getting higher and higher, such as rent,worker’s salary and the cost of environment protection, that’s why everything become more expensive.

2.  As the biggest developing country all over the world, China started controlling emission since from 2007 (one year before Beijing Olympic Game), that’s why more and more factories start moving overseas, such as Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other developing countries.

3. Trade barrier, the same as all of developing countries, the relationship is very important here, a lot of small providers hardly follow contract.

How to solve above problems?

Yiwu QiQi General Merchandise Co., Ltd put the following solutions into effect

1. Minimize the supply Chain, let the buyers purchase products directly from factories.

With more than 10 years effort, now we have enlarged our showroom to 2,600 with more 30,000 kinds of products. We are working with more than 1,000 factories directly so as to shorten the supply chain.

Our working procedures are as bellow

If you buy products from our showroom

1. Choose the products what you like from our showroom when you come to Yiwu, we are not going to charge any commission, so that you can save at least 3-5% commission on that.

2. After your order is confirmed, we will pass your order to the factory directly, minimize the person who take part in to minimize the communication error.

3. If you can’t top up your container in our showroom or you can’t find the products what you want, definitely we will bring you to Yiwu International Market for choosing them, our showroom is located only 5 minutes drive from the market.

If you don’t buy products from our showroom

If you don’t buy products from our show room, we will act as an professional sourcing agent and we will offer the following services

1. Free sourcing service, we will assist your to confirm the approximate product’s price before you come to Yiwu, so that you can arrange your schedule accordingly

2. Normally, people need Chinese Visa for coming to China, own company can issue the invitation letter for you to apply visa.

3. Before you come to China, especially for the first time, you are not sure about which hotel is more convenient, we will reserved for you in advance.

4. Transportation service will be offered in Yiwu, such as airport & railway station pick-up, visiting factory, etc.

5. When your come to Yiwu, our professional translator will follow you for visiting market, factory & other places where you want to go

6. Normally, the production time will be longer than your stay, that’s why we will be your representative here to track your order, and make sure all your products can be delivered in time.

7. QC is the most important, we will conduct quality inspection before loading your container and send your the report afterwards, if you don’t agree with the quality, we will ask the provider change the products as per our contract

8. QiQi has a warehouse which is more than 6,000, it will be always free for you if you work with us in future. Especially if you are on-liner seller, we can do the repacking job in our warehouse

9. A lot of clients used to ask us that how can import products form China without any paper work problem, it is very easy, just get all the relevant documents done, such as B/L, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, C/O , etc.

10. Regarding about logistic, we can offer shipping by sea, by air and by railway, in a word, we can deliver products to anywhere of the world.


B - Be careful all the details of your products

E - Evaluate if you can make profit from this business

L - Learn from all the people who are better than you

T - Team work with all your partners

U - Understand each other

P - Patient to everything

Our ambition is to build Bilateral Win-Win Cooperation in future


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