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  • [ Truth ] Sales Team Birthday Party

    Our sales team hold a birthday party for RITA who is managing our Christams and Flower Products on our alibaba plateform.

  • [ Truth ] Soap Flower Delivery

    10 Cartoon Soap Flowers will send out to UK by air .

  • [ Truth ] Christmas Ball Samples

    Our driver went to our factory took one cartoon christmas ball samples which are very nice.

  • [ Truth ] Container Loadings

    These days we have to load 2 containers every day in our warehouse.

  • [ Truth ] Cosmetic Bucket With Led Lightings

    Very nice box packed with led lighting functional cosmetic bucket which we baught , inspected and shipped to USA client 500pcs.

  • [ Truth ] Led Sword Toy Quality Inspectation

    We purchased and shipped this led sward toy about 20 cartoons today so if you are in toy business you can check from our team.

  • [ Truth ] 100 Cartoons Home Kitchen Styled Toys Loaded Today

    One of our clients ordered and loaded 100 cartoons of kitchen design styled toy from our warehouse.

  • [ Truth ] Hot But Have To Load Power Engines For The Client

    Today we load a very big power engine for the client in our werehouse. If you are looking for some power engines, we can sourcing and shipping for you.

  • [ Truth ] Yiwu QiQi Warehouse Viewings

    We offer warehouse service, trading company service, warehouse managment service, cargo service, express service with our big warehouse which located in Qingkou Yiwu City.

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