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We have been working together 7 years, from clients to friends., we are the yiwu private agent for customer.
When we first got to know each other, they were in a retail business,is a small shop, they just bought goods from the local wholesale marekt, they don"t know yiwu market buying agent like us.
We introduced the services our purchasing agent could provide to the customers,and they seemed very interested in the sourcing agent company.
We suggested that they try to buy some products from yiwu market, so we started our first cooperation.
As expected,the customer"s business was getting better and better, because they purchased many kinds of items from yiwu wholesale market futian,which reduced the procurement cost,increased the profit margin and enriched the diversity of products.
At the same time, they also started wholesale business, they opened a lot of stores, registered their one brand.
The customer trusts us very much and agrees to put our company"s poster in their store,which shoes the strength of both of us and make more clients trust our products and agent service.

This photo was taken in front of the customer"s store when our boss visited them in Mexico in 2019.
The customer found our website through Google, they searched yiwu market buying agent,becasue the customer has some problems at that time, they had around 60 stores at that time, but some stores were not doing well, and they want to try a new way to solve the problem.

We have learned that all the stores sell products of high value, such as houshold appliances,electronic products and furniture, they don"t have boutique items,so their buyer group is relatively simple.
In the beginning, we communicated by email,phone call and video meeting, we introduced the products of yiwu market to them,they thought ta was good, so they came to yiwu to see yiwu market futian.
We spent a week time taking customers to visit yiwu market,they were very surprised,Yiwu Futian wholesale market is so big, They choose the models and ask price,our translator is responsible for translating,our purchasing staff is resposible for taking photos,record the product information,they ordered a lot of products,a total of about one million dollars.
Because customers have their own brand, they require the products they purchase to have their own logos and labels.
We successfully shipped all the products, and the client were very satisfied and the products sold well, their store has more and more customers.
Since 2018, we have been working together to achieve real win-win cooperation.

This is the shop of our South Amercian customer, which is like a lifestyle supermarket,selling a wide range of products,su as toys,shoes,daily necessities,kitchen supplies and so on.
The customer has been purchasing from China for many years, 70-80% of the products from yiwu futian market.
They have a sourcing agent in yiwu before, but because of something happened with that agent, they found us.
We have had a comprehensive understandinf of the types and modes of products purchased by the customer before, we need to be different from the buy agent of client before, so that we can help the customer and advance our different service concepts.
We recommend that they sell shoes,men"s shoes,women"s shoes,sports shoes, They also think shoes is a good business,but they did"t find a good factory before, so they don"t sell shoes.
We sorted out the resources of shoes factories in our hands and send money shoes styles and quotation sheets to them.
They finally ordered a contianer of shoes,about 40000dollars, as we expected, the shoes business is very good, they rented a new store to sell shoes.
The customer is very gratefull for our market survey and suggestions, they said their old sourcing agent"s jod was to help them purchase what they need, but they would not investigate customer"s market and give them new suggestions.

We wish our clients a prosperous business.

This is our Indonesian customer"s shop, as you can see, the shop is not luxurious decoration,and there are no have beautiful shelves to store goods.
Because they have a clear product positioning, they sell low and medium price products, they generally do"t buy too expensive products, Yiwu market products are very suitable for them.
In 2018, i went to Indonesia and visited their shops, which is actually equivalent to a supermarket, they have three supermarket in different cities in Indonesia, the products sold in the three stores are all similar, such as school bags, clothes,stationery,kitchen goods,bedding items, bathroom products,Christmas items and so on.
They found us through Google website, we are based on the needs of customers,we find more and more suppliers and get quantation sheets send to customer.
If they come to yiwu,we guide them to yiwu wholesale market to choose products, if they can"t come to yiwu, we send price lists to them, they choose and confirm order.
If you also do such as this business model, please contact us, we can save your time and labor costs.


We are a company that started with clocks, so we have a lot of customers who buy clocks products.
This a photo of their store send to me by the customer,speaking of this, the client has been cooperation with us for 10 years, we exported many containers of clocks every year,at the beginning, they only purchased clocks from us and did not buy other products.
About3-4years,they expanded the shop,if only selling clocks was too simple,buyers had no more choices, so we gradually recommended some products of Yiwu market to customer,at the beginning, they purchasd small quantities,only buying 2-5cartons of each model,and their shop had more and more kinds of products.
Then they opened another shop,and in the next year,they opened 3 shops.

Our customer has a big shop,they mainly sell daily items,clothing accessories,such as socks,underwear,underpants,floor mat and sandals.
They have two sourcing agency in yiwu, but we are responsible for different kinds of products.
We mainly help customer to expand some new products and recommend some popular items on E-Commerce platforms.
We have been cooperating happily and helping our clients"business get better and better.


Our customer"s sales model is a bit like the night market in China,which is to sell some goods in the form of stalls.
At the beginning, the client explained their local situation and people"s consumption level in detail,most people still prefer to buy cheap products,which may not have high requirements on quality.
Our team came up with some methods,but the customer didn"t think it was feasible,and finally we suggested that they imitate the night market in China, we took them to visit the night market in Yiwu, they think it works.
We take they to Yiwu stock market to buy products, as well as to buy cheap products in Yiwu international market.
The customer told us their business was very good, one contianer goods was sold out quickly, because they could not come to yiwu often,especially during epidemic period, so we arrange a salesman of our company to serve this client, find products for him at any time,place orders, check goods and load containers, they order 3-5 containers one month.

The shop selles from 1 sol onwards, price range from 1sol to 50soles.
They are from South Amercia, In 2018,it was their first time to do business, the first time they came to Yiwu, they did"t buy any goods,they stayed in Yiwu for 5days,we took them to all the markts in Yiwu.
They saw a lot of goods,some expensive,some cheap,and then we sat and talked with them for a day.
Two months later,the customers came to Yiwu again,they made it clear what they wanted to buy and at what price,and then began to purchase,this time they spent a week in Yiwu and purchased 4 containers, the total value about $120000.
So far, the client has opened 5 stores.


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