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Amazon FBA Service

RuiXiang company has been serving Amazon buyers in the United States and Europe for five years.
We provide Amazon sellers with purchasing, selecting popular products, selecting quality suppliers, receiving, inspecting, labeling, marking, changing packaging, taking photos of products and other services.

1、 Good Products

  • We help customers choose quality products. We know that poor quality products are not sold on Amazon. Good products can help the sellers win more praise.
  • Do not allow infringing products, infringing logo pattern.

2、Good Suppliers

A good supplier can save a lot of time and communication costs for customers. If we encounter an irresponsible supplier who wastes customers' time and money, we will never allow such a thing to happen.

3、One by one Quality inspection

  • As an Amazon retailer, if a customer receives an unqualified or damaged product, he may get a bad review.
  • If the bad review is on your home page and has a great impact on the sales of your store, if your first review is a bad review, it will be a devastating blow, and you may have to spend 80% of your efforts to cover the bad review.
  • Even specialized testing companies don't check everything 100%.
  • If you require a 100 percent complete inspection, we can provide this service, you only need to pay the labor fee.

4、Good Packing

  • For Amazon sellers, any detail is very important, and good packaging is an element that adds points to the product.
  • In addition to the outer box not exceeding the standard, the inner packaging of some products must also be free from defects.
  • The independent packaging of the product can well protect the product from being transported and damaged during loading and unloading.

5、Private FBA Label

  • Amazon label including-FNSKU label/Shipping label/Warning sticker/Other labels Amazon requires.
  • We will calculate the labor cost accroding to the labor price at that time.


  • Amazon warehouse require very professional packaging and labeling, a tiny mistake can cause your goods to wrong amazon warehouse or can"t be put into storage, and cause you more lost.
  • we will make sure that all barcodes and labels on each package are accurate.

7、Professional Product Photography

  • Many Amazon sellers will ask us to help them find a photography company in China to take pictures of their products,because the cost of taking picture in their own country is too high,and they may save half of the cost if they take picture in china.
  • We will find a professional photography company who has experience in taking picture of Amazon customers.
  • We will also compare price the quote to clients.

8、Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouse

  • Logistics costs are now considered by businessmen to save a cost point,high trasportation cost will erode your profits, shortage will affect your products on the market.
  • We have a rich and sound logistics supply chain to provide guarantee for Amazon transportation solutions.
  • Whether it is express,air, or sea, we can get best price, we have a wide range of shipping routes for you to choose, from China to any country of Amazon warehouse can be reached quickly.
  • Our freight forwarder is responsible for customs clearance to ensure that your goods arrive safely and timely at the Amazon warehouse.

9、We offer 1-2 months free warehouse storage

  • Amazon"s warehouse costs are expensive, because customers may purchased a lot of products, but clients don"t want to send them all to Amazon warehouse at one time,we can provide free warehouse for customers to use 1-2months for small cbm products.
  • If more than 2 months, we will calculate the warehouse cost according to the specific volume and time.

New Products Development

Research and development of new product is the soul of a company or enterprise"s long-term development.
For some boutique or chain store customers,developing new products is the key to their long-term survival.
We have tens of thousands of factory resources,and we will continue to intergrate new products and send them to customers,so that customers"s products series will be injected with new blood, helping clients to stabilize the market and seize business opportunities.

Customized Service

For customers with their own brand,all the products they purchase must have their own packaging design and logo.
We can fully cooperate with this to ensure that you have a perfect purchasing experience and received products with your own packaging and logo.
If you don"t have your own brand but you want to creat your own brand,design your own packaging,design your own products,we help you realize it,we find a factory to amke sample, and then send to customers for confirmation, we provide OEM&ODM solutions.

Dropshipping Service

With the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more customers join dropshipping, which leads to increasingly fierce competition.
What bothers a lot of new clients is that they don"t know how to operate,they don"t know who can help them ship goods from China,and where can get low MOQ products.
Choose us, you don"t need to stockpile products,we can directly help you deliver them to your final customers.
Compared with traditional offline procurement method, there are now new online retail websites, such as 1688,taobao, you can purchase a small amount of each item,but it must be a Chinese ID.
We help customers complete the procument,inspection,delivery and other processes.
This approach will bring milestone convenience to dropshippers around the world.

Quotation Lists Available

We have different quotation lists and professional purchasing & sales team to answer your request fast.
Choose us, Provide you with a worry-free import scheme from China, Achieve true win-win cooperation

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