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Visa Application To Yiwu China

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How many Types of visas?

1. There are three types of visas: diplomatic visa, official visa and ordinary visa. That is, the issuance of diplomatic visas with diplomatic passports; the issuance of official visas with official passports; and the issuance of ordinary visas with ordinary passports.

2. According to the entry-exit situation, it can be divided into exit visa, entry visa, entry-exit visa and re-entry visa.

For exit visas, only the holder is allowed to leave the country. If entry is required, an entry visa must be applied for again. Entry visa: That is to say, only permit the holder to enter the country and apply for an exit visa if he needs to leave the country. Entry-exit visa: The holder may leave or re-enter the country. Multiple Entry-Exit Visa: The holder may enter or leave the country within the validity period of the visa.

3. According to the entry-exit reasons, it can be divided into immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa, study abroad visa, tourist visa, work visa, business visa and family visa.

4. According to the length of time, it can be divided into long-term visa and short-term visa.

The concept of a long-term visa is to stay in the country of destination for more than three months. It usually takes a long time to apply for a long-term visa regardless of the purpose of the visit. Visas that stay in the country of destination for less than three months are called short-term visas, which take relatively short time to apply for short-term visas. China's visas mainly include diplomatic visas, courtesy visas, official visas and ordinary visas, which are issued to foreigners applying for entry.


Which type of visa do we have to apply if we are going to purchase some items From yiwu china?

1. If you come to Yiwu China frequently, you should better to apply multi-entrence business visa

2. If you come to china once a year, you can just apply the tourist visa.

3. If you have any family member here in Yiwu China you can apply for the family visa easily to come.


What is the process to apply the visa from us?

A Collect materials

1. Clear scanned photocopy of passport page;

2. Clear scanned photocopy of previous Chinese visa page (if any);

3. Place for visa;

4. Company name, address, telephone and fax number;

Different requirements may apply to different countries. Please inquire of your consultant for details.



       For the busienss visa China goverment will take the charges. Any amount you can ask the agent to show you the official invoice.


C. Deliver the invitation letter. 

We may give you personally, or send you by express.All the standerd charges will collect from the clients side. If the local chinese embassy can accept the scaned one it is very easy for us to send the copy to you asap.


Some Cautions & Tips:

1) We offer invitation letters to customers who choose us as their business partners or Yiwu Market service agent or who did some business with us before for FREE.

2) Any invitation letter issued is an informal letter and no guarantees are made about the China visa application process.

3) For holders of most countries passports, no invitation letter is required when applying for short term visas upon arrival at any China port.

4) Many fake invitation letters are at large in the market now.

It’s hard for you to distinguish as fake invitation letters look similar with the genuine ones. Foreigners who apply for visa with a fake invitation letter will be rejected. What’s more, bad record will be kept and it will have negative influence to your future visa application.

Therefore, we suggest you make invitation letters with legal agencies.



If you need us to offer invitation letters for the business visa applications to visit us:

Mail us your plan to info@yiwuexporting.com Now or Call us +8618757689870-Rein, we will answer your email in 24 hours.

When you get the email, please check the attached file, fill all the blanks in English , send back to us, we will sign, stamp, scan and send back to you.

Then you go to Visa Consulate, Embassy of China, your country.


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