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how to import and export e bikes from yiwu china

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Bicycle In China

Bicycles, also known as bicycles or bicycles, are usually small two wheeled land vehicles. People riding on the car, with the pedal as the power, is a green and environmentally friendly means of transportation. English bicycle. Bi means two, and cycle refers to wheel, that is, two wheeled vehicle. In mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore, they are usually referred to as "bicycles" or "bicycles"; in Hong Kong and Macao, they are often referred to as "bicycles" (in fact, they are commonly called in Cantonese); in Japan, they are called "bicycle (or bicycle)". There are many kinds of bicycles, including single bike, double bike and multi bike.

It can be used as an environmental protection means of transportation for walking and traveling; more and more people use bicycles as fitness equipment for riding and cycling; bicycle itself is also a competitive sport, including road cycling, mountain cycling, track cycling, stunt cycling, etc.

By 2019, China's social bicycle ownership has reached nearly 400 million, and nearly 300 million electric bicycles, both ranking first in the world.

How Many Types Of Bicycles?

Ordinary bicycle  

Generally refers to kunche, riding posture for bending legs standing, the advantage is higher comfort, long-term riding is not easy to fatigue. The disadvantage is that the leg bending posture is not easy to accelerate, and the ordinary bicycle parts mostly use very common parts, and it is difficult to achieve high speed.            

Road bike             

For the types of vehicles used on smooth road surface, due to the small resistance of smooth road surface, the design of road bicycle is more high-speed. It often uses downward bending handle which can reduce wind resistance, narrow high pressure and low resistance outer tire, higher gear position and larger wheel diameter than ordinary mountain climbing off-road vehicle. Since the frame and accessories do not need to be strengthened like mountain bike, they often have a relatively heavy weight It is light and efficient when riding on the road. Because the frame does not need to be strengthened and the diamond design is simple and efficient, the road vehicle is the most beautiful bicycle.            

Exercise bike             

Health, fashion, new concept and brand-new concept design of fitness bicycle, the most important feature is the hands and feet dual power, speed up to 40 km / h; work more ways, good fitness effect. When riding this bicycle, both hands and feet can work on the bicycle drive at the same time, or work with hand or foot drive alone. By using the straight-line style of foot pulling pedal and the swing type of hand pulling swing rod, the running speed of the bicycle is improved, and the leg and arm muscles are trained. It has obtained many national patents. It is suitable for the middle-aged and the elderly as a means of transportation for walking and fitness, and also suitable for young people for tourism and entertainment.            

Field cycling            

Bicycles for use on extremely smooth oval tracks indoors without brakes (for brakes), gearboxes, and reversible flywheels.        Triathlon / time trial The most important feature of triathlon and time trial is that draft is not allowed. In other words, the rider must overcome the air resistance completely by his own strength, and he is not allowed to ride behind other players. Therefore, the design of triathlon / time race bicycle pays great attention to keep the rider in a reduced space At the same time, pay attention to reduce the air resistance of the bicycle itself. Triathlon bicycles also allow cyclists to use muscle groups similar to those used in running, making the transition from cycling to running easier.            

Mountain bike            

Mountain bike originated from San Francisco in 1977. It is designed to ride in mountainous areas. It usually has a transmission which can change the gears with labor-saving or fast speed. Some will install shock absorbers on the frame, and some of the tire skins are chocolate tread, so as to ride on the road without paved bicycle surface. The dimensions of mountain bike parts are generally in English units. The rim is 24 / 26 / 29 inches, and the tire size is generally 1.0-2.5 inches. Frame size is also in English units, such as 14 ", 17", 19 "to indicate the size of the frame size. It is divided into many categories in detail. The XC class is commonly seen. Variable speed, thick tire, good grip, suitable for off-road, shock absorption system to reduce turbulence. The overall strength is large and the impact resistance is strong. Compared with ordinary bicycles, they are more difficult to be damaged when they are forced to ride.            

Downhill bike            

Downhill bike, also known as downhill bike. DH for short. It's a very challenging activity. Riders use special DH bicycles to glide on the hillside or even fall off the mountain for stimulation. Most of the activities are carried out in mountain ridges, mines, snow and other areas. The Austrian used DH to set a world record of 210.4km/h. The frame angle of a downhill bicycle is different from that of a mountain bike. The parts of a downhill bicycle are in English units. When doing this work, you must wear helmet, armor and other equipment. The front fork shock absorption travel is longer than mountain bike and XC bicycle. The tire width is generally more than 2 inches.            

Children's bicycle            

Children's bicycles are also called children's bicycles and children's bicycles. Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Singapore are usually referred to as "children's bicycles" or "children's bicycles"; in Hong Kong and Macao, they are usually referred to as "children's bicycles". Children's bicycles are one of the main categories of children's bicycles, including children's bicycles, children's carts, baby walkers, children's tricycles, etc.            

Touring bike             

Developed from road bicycle, it is suitable for ultra long-distance self-sufficiency travel. It has a more comfortable and relaxed frame geometric design, can bear weight, has a very low lowest gear, uses a wide tire, and pursues reliability and durability in the selection of accessories, but does not focus on weight reduction. Mountain bike pedals are often used. It evolved for the mountains. Most of them are the same as mountain areas, but the configuration is flexible. For example, handlebars can be changed into butterfly shaped handlebars, and many postures can be used to reduce fatigue in a long time. The front fork can also be fitted with or without shock absorption. The wheels can be 700 C or 26 inches. But the brake is usually V-brake. Can be very convenient to add shelves, tile covers, camel bags. In short, all the changes are aimed at increasing durability and reducing fatigue over long distances.

China Top Brand Bikes:

  1. GIANT


  3. Foever

  4. Phoenix

  5. Emmelle

  6. OMYO



  9. TREX

  10. XDS


Where To Buy Bicycles From China?

  1. Yiwu international markets have many shoes for the bikes to choose.

  2. From Online such as: www.alibaba.com www.made-in-china.com 

  3. If you need new one you can check these websites with chinese "自行车”                                                          www.taobao.com  www.1688.com www.tmall.com 

  4. Or you can ask your china agent to sourcing for you


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