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High Speed Railway From Hangzhou Wenzhou To Yiwu Station Officially Approved

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Breaking news from yiwu goverment centre, we can choose from hangzhou or wenzhou to yiwu easily after this great railway construction finished.

According to the information from Jinhua comprehensive transportation hub construction and management center, the preliminary design of Hangzhou Wenzhou high speed railway phase II (Hangzhou Yiwu section) was officially approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission on July 7.

Hangzhou Wenzhou high-speed railway is one of the key projects in the national medium and long-term railway network planning. It is also the first high-speed railway in China to carry out PPP and mixed transformation pilot double demonstration. After completion, Jinhua City will realize the dream of "county to county high-speed rail". From the perspective of the Yangtze River Delta railway network, Hangzhou Wenzhou high-speed railway is not only the South extension line of Beijing Shanghai and Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed railway, but also can be connected to Shanghe Hangzhou high-speed railway, which is opened at the end of June through Hu hang railway in the north. After completion, it will effectively improve the national high-speed railway transportation network and strengthen the regional trunk high-speed railway network.

As a supporting project for Zhejiang Province to build an "one hour transportation circle", Hangzhou Wenzhou high speed railway has become the most convenient and fast passenger transport channel from Hangzhou to Wenzhou via Yiwu. It is of great significance to meet the demand of traffic growth along the line, lead Dongyang Hengdian, Pan'an and Pujiang to embrace the era of high-speed rail, accelerate the development of tourism resources and promote social and economic development.

The construction of Hangzhou Wenzhou high speed railway is divided into two phases. The first phase of Yiwu to Wenzhou section has been fully started in 2019. The approved Hangzhou Yiwu section is Hangzhou Wenzhou phase II project. The line is led from Tonglu east station of Huzhou Hangzhou railway, and leads to Hangzhou Wenchang station under construction at Yiwu station through Tonglu and Pujiang. The total length of the main line is about 59 kilometers, and the total investment is estimated to be about 9.48 billion yuan. Jinhua City is about 37.6 km long, including 33 km of Pujiang River and 4.6 km of Yiwu. Bridges and tunnels have basically replaced roads in the whole line, accounting for 94.49% of the total.

After the completion of the second phase of Hangzhou Wenzhou high speed railway, the transportation management of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. will be entrusted to run all EMU trains, and the trains on this line will run together with the cross line trains. According to the prediction of preliminary design scheme, 53 pairs of trains with annual passenger flow of 11.25 million people will be operated in Tonglu East Yiwu section in the initial stage (2025); 70 pairs of trains will be operated in the near future (2030), with an annual passenger flow of 15.2 million; 99 pairs of trains will be operated in the long term (2040), with an annual passenger flow of 22 million people.

Since this year, with the approval of the feasibility study report and preliminary design, the relevant capital, land, environment and other resource elements have been basically available. According to the plan, the first phase of Hangzhou Wenzhou Railway in Yiwu will complete 95% of the land for the main line, 60% of the houses within the red line and 60% of the third line. The second bidding will be completed on March 17, and the construction units will enter the site at the end of March. The Yiwu section of Hangzhou Wenzhou Railway phase II mainly involves Houzhai street, and the land acquisition and relocation work is planned to start in July. Other preliminary work has been completed, and Yiwu section has met the starting conditions.

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