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EWTP Global Innovation Center is located in Yiwu, the "marriage" of the two largest markets in the world

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On the afternoon of June 19, Yiwu Municipal People's Government and Alibaba signed the eWTP strategic cooperation agreement. After Hangzhou, Malaysia, Belgium and Rwanda, eWTP is the fifth station in the world and the second station in China.

Alibaba, the world's largest online market; Yiwu, the "capital of small commodities", the world's largest offline market. What does it mean for Yiwu's numerous small and medium-sized enterprises that the two "eldest brothers" work together? What does it mean for the development of cross-border e-commerce in Zhejiang? At this time, hand in hand, and in the cross-border e-commerce field to explore how to innovate?

164 Days of Love

Creating a Global Innovation Center

Hand-in-hand between the two sides was put on the agenda as early as January this year. On January 5, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, visited Yiwu to discuss issues related to jointly promoting the construction of Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone. Since then, the strategic cooperation between the local government and Alibaba has been put on the agenda. 164 days later, Ali and Yiwu joined hands in "official declaration".

The day before Ma Yun's visit to Yiwu, the provincial government of Zhejiang Province approved the Framework Plan for the Comprehensive Reform of International Trade in Yiwu. When meeting with Ma Yun and his delegation, Lin Yi, Secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, made it clear that Yiwu would seize opportunities, emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, build a world "small commodity capital" with high quality and high level, and sincerely welcome Alibaba and Yiwu to carry out all-round cooperation to create a new situation of win-win cooperation.

Ma Yun gave Yiwu a high appraisal at that time: first, "probably the whole world can not find such a city, with so much freight volume"; second, entrepreneurship in Dongyang, Yiwu and Jinhua, with "pioneering spirit"; third, the construction of Yiwu railway, airport and expressway is convenient and perfect.

In Yiwu, Wenzhou native Liu Wei not only made his cross-border trade business a success, but also created a platform for warm investment and fast incubation, which stimulated college students to innovate in cross-border e-commerce. At present, the whole Yiwu Wentou Import and Export Co., Ltd. has fission out more than 30 start-ups, opening nearly 40 stores in Alibaba International Station, all customers are online. Liu Wei's business is dominated by fashion categories such as clothing and bags. She feels that Yiwu's greatest advantage is that opportunities are everywhere. "Gold is everywhere, depending on your willingness to bow to pick it up."

Behind the nearly 80,000 business places in Yiwu International Trade City, there are more than 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises and more than 20 million jobs.

Today, the eWTP Global Innovation Center has settled in Yiwu, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises and individual traders to participate in Global trade more smoothly. Alibaba's dream of "letting the world do no difficult business" has taken another big step forward.

Just before the signing ceremony, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, went to Yiwu International Trade City to inspect. The two sides made clear a new batch of eWTP cooperation intentions. Reporters learned from the signing ceremony that with the favorable opportunity of Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area, the two sides will jointly promote the integration of eWTP and Yiwu physical market, create a new trade center marked by digital trade, provide online and offline integration system innovation for small and medium-sized wholesale markets, and jointly build a smart logistics hub to enhance the "Yiwu-New Europe" trade channel. It will also strengthen cooperation in establishing eWTP development fund, building an import supply chain system and building a new smart city.

Yiwu International Trade City (Information Map)

Deep cooperation

Docking various commercial forces

Why is Yiwu and why is it at this time?

An obvious fact is that Alibaba serves a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and most of the market players in Yiwu are also small and medium-sized enterprises. "We share a common gene." Yiwu City Market Development Committee, said the relevant person in charge. At the same time, he said that the international trade pattern has changed profoundly in the past 10 years, which is obvious to Yiwu's market participants. Although Alibaba mainly retails online and Yiwu mainly wholesales offline in recent years, with the development of cross-border e-commerce, Alibaba and other enterprises have begun to adopt the mode of overseas warehouse, which is a tone of the past retail mode. Integral, and Yiwu market small simplification, multi-batch phenomenon is becoming more and more obvious. "We are close to each other, but the trade rules we abide by are the same. Today we see that the development needs of Yiwu and Ari have further converged."

Yiwu e-commerce did have a carnival at the just-concluded "6.18" global online shopping carnival. Cross-border e-commerce enterprises located in Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center riveted vigorously, sorting, packing, pasting face sheets, the situation was tense and orderly; at the warehouse entrance, dozens of express transport vehicles alternately parked to the loading and unloading platform, driving full horsepower to load packages generated by the shopping festival. According to data provided by Yiwu Customs, from June 16 to 18, Yiwu Customs accumulated 153,600 bonded import parcels purchased online, of which 93,600 were purchased on June 18, with an average daily supervision of more than 50,000, an increase of 300% compared with the pre-event period.

The integration of online and offline provides further opportunities for cooperation between Yiwu and Ali, especially the rapid development of online trade in Yiwu, which once again enables the two sides to find the intersection of strategic cooperation. According to the data of the postal administration department, Yiwu's postal and express business volume exceeded 1.5 billion pieces in the first May of this year, and express business volume accounted for one fifteenth of the country's total, a county-level city.

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