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Which city took 80% of christmas product exporting value from china

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In the global Christmas products market, Yiwu, a small city in eastern China, has occupied 80% of the market share, which can be said to be the world's largest "Christmas products factory". So, what about Yiwu's sales situation?            Yiwu, Zhejiang: export of Christmas products increased by 20%.


Reporter Yu Qianqian: there are more than 400 Christmas Products Merchants in the Christmas products section of Yiwu International Trade City in Zhejiang Province. 80% of the Christmas products in the world come from here.

In a shop in area a of Yiwu International Trade City, shop owner Chen Xiaofang is sorting out goods. Christmas hats, Christmas clothes and Christmas socks are all over the wall. There are more than 500 different samples of Christmas hats alone. Chen Xiaofang told reporters that the export of their shops accounted for more than 80% of their exports, mainly to central Europe, Russia, and various countries in Southeast Asia. This year's sales are basically the same as those of previous years. 


Chen Xiaofang, a merchant in Yiwu International Trade City, Zhejiang Province: compared with the past, the volume is much larger, but the profit margin is much less. Because of the rise in the price of raw materials, and on the other hand, the price is artificially increased.

Lu Minying, merchant of Yiwu International Trade City, Zhejiang Province: the order volume has increased by 30% compared with last year, and the customers have also increased, because the new style has attracted more customers. When the Russian economy is good, Russian customers are the main customers, now in Europe and America, and all over the world.


Lu Minying has been making Christmas trees for 17 years. The two stores are full of Christmas trees of different styles, from large to small, from simple ones to colorful lanterns. She told reporters that their performance increased rapidly this year, mainly due to the launch of a number of new products. In the peak season, the factory orders are full, and many orders that are too late for production are pushed away.

Ye hang, staff member of the statistical analysis section of Yiwu Customs: from January to October 2019, the export of Christmas products in Yiwu City totaled 1.92 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.9%, which was 10.6% higher than that of the same period last year. The export situation of Christmas products this year is also very good.            

Yiwu Christmas product iteration fast, multi innovation competition for orders            


Today, the number of businesses specializing in Christmas products industry in Yiwu has exceeded 500, and this actually covers the whole industry chain of Christmas products production, sales, packaging and other links. So, in addition to the continuous expansion of the industrial scale, how do Yiwu merchants seize the market by improving the competitiveness of their products?

Green cedar with falling snow, decorated with gold and silver bells, this is the favorite of European and American customers.


Red, green and blue lights with contrasting flowers are popular among enthusiastic South American customers.            

In Yiwu, a Christmas tree factory is full of samples to be sent to customers all over the world. Zeng Fuhai, the person in charge, told reporters that although Christmas has not passed this year, they have already invested in the design, development and proofing of new products next year.

christmas chair cover

Zeng Fuhai, director of a Handicraft Co., Ltd. in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province: we have invested more than a dozen R & D teams, some of which have done research. According to the results of the research, we have upgraded our products by adding some changes in lamps, optical filaments, Bluetooth, music and so on. Our overall performance this year has increased by about 10% compared with previous years.

In addition to the appearance and shape, the material and process level of Yiwu Christmas products are also constantly improving. For example, the simplest Christmas Tree Pendant products have introduced more environmentally friendly wood, cloth, iron, and even high-end acrylic materials. The spray painting process adopts EU or Japanese standards.

Yang Yibin, general manager of a Christmas Crafts Co., Ltd. in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province: this wooden product is very willing to accept in Europe and the United States, because the first is environmental protection and the second is low price. Our goods have passed, and they are very receptive.

At first, the price of the PVC material Christmas tree sold in the market is only tens of yuan. Now the price of the Christmas tree with different shapes and unique PE materials is between 100 and 300 yuan. The wholesale price of the former Christmas ball is only 10 yuan, and the luminescent LED lighting pendant is tens of dollars.

Cai Qinliang, Secretary General of Yiwu Christmas products industry association: some obsolete products may be treated as processed products, and the prices will be lower and lower. Good products, that is to say, the prices of our innovative and upgraded products will be slightly higher than before. However, no matter how to increase the prices, foreign countries can still accept them, because there is no whole Christmas production industry chain in foreign countries.

2020 is a spercial year to all of the world wild business corps, if you need more information on chirstmas product from yiwu china , we hope you can contact our professional sales to offer you the best solution on your xmas business programmes.


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