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Top Mens Wear Market List In China

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Men's wear refers to the clothing products that men wear to protect and decorate their bodies. Including the top and bottom, men's clothing will have different styles and functions according to the season and personal needs.

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Guangzhou Regal men's clothing wholesale city

Regal men's clothing wholesale city is located at 84-86 Heping East Road, mainly engaged in men's T-shirt, men's shirt, suit, men's jacket, vest, men's sweater, vest, etc. The market is located at 84-86 Heping East Road.

Hangzhou Zhejiang Xinghe men's wear building

Zhejiang Xinghe men's wear Building Co., Ltd. was established in September 1998 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is located in Longxiang bridge, Yan'an Road, a prosperous commercial center. Its construction area is about 25000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in clothing business, property management, house leasing and information services.

Guangzhou Jinlun men's clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou Jinlun men's clothing wholesale market is next to the new China building. The market mainly deals in men's wear. There are more beautiful men's wear, knitted clothing, and leisure clothing, such as T-shirts, jeans, etc. there are many wholesale markets for men's wear on Heping middle road,

Jinlun men's clothing market is a very good men's clothing wholesale market over there.

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Chongqing Gangyu men's Square, Chongqing

Hong Kong Chongqing men's Square is the largest Hong Kong invested enterprise in Chaotianmen Market and the largest brand men's clothing sales center in Western China. Its brand men's wear has a market share of 57% in major retail stores and district / county markets, 62% in sports casual shoes market, and an annual turnover of 1.3 billion yuan.

Guangzhou ShiSanHang Heping East Road men's clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou ShiSanHang has always been famous for women's wear, while men's clothing has been rising rapidly in recent two years with Heping East Road as the center, focusing on fashionable men's and Korean style. Under the trend of network wholesale, the combination of Physical Archives and network is adopted to create an offline Heping East Road

Men's clothing wholesale outlets as the center, to cool the network as the platform, the implementation of online and offline two-way development of supply mode. The establishment of the business alliance aims at improving service level, sharing resources and reducing costs.

Xi'an jinlang men's clothing mall

Jinlang men's clothing wholesale mall is the only professional wholesale men's clothing market in Northwest China, which specializes in men's wear, integrates many domestic famous brands, high-grade and high-quality. Jinlang men's clothing wholesale mall with superior geographical environment, powerful men's clothing wholesalers, jinlang company

Humanized management mechanism has developed into a mature brand men's clothing wholesale market.

Guangzhou Zhanxi men's clothing wholesale center

Guangzhou Station West clothing wholesale city is located in Zhanxi Road, north of provincial bus station and south of Guangzhou railway station. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of medium and low-grade clothing. Guangzhou Station West No.2 clothing market has a large number of passenger flow and convenient transportation, which plays a pivotal role in the national clothing wholesale

effect. Among the numerous clothing shopping malls in this section, the scale and passenger flow of Zhanxi clothing market and Zhuomi clothing wholesale market are the representatives.

Guiyang men's world

Guiyang men's world is located in the middle of the South Ramp of Shixi street, No.9, qionghuacang, Guiyang city. The first floor and the first floor are mainly for wholesale and retail brand clothing, and the second and third floor are for shoes. Men's world is the best window for brand display and brand development

The best base for wholesalers.

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