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Top Leisure Cloth Market List In China

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Leisure clothing is a new fashion clothing category name. It is a kind of sportswear, such as tennis wear, Jogging Wear, golf wear, etc. It is a combination of sportswear and daily life clothes. It is often used in boxing, mountain climbing, outing and playing ball games in the morning. The characteristics of casual clothes are that they must be able to withstand long-term sun and sweat erosion, absorb sweat and ventilate, have durable color and wear resistance, and have loose and comfortable shape. With the popularity of fitness craze in various countries, leisure clothing will rise.

leisure clothes

Sijiqing leisure clothing wholesale market

Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing wholesale market is one of the most influential clothing wholesale and circulation markets in China. It was founded in October 1989 and located at No. 31-59, hanghai Road, Dongtu, Qingtai overpass, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Characteristics - specialized in clothing sales channel construction

"20 years old" "has obvious advantages in clothing sales and information. Its marketing network covers all parts of the country and penetrates Southeast Asia, Europe and America markets. The market is mainly wholesale (accounting for more than 80%), with more than 1100 garment manufacturers and more than 900 brands / trademarks of clothing,

It covers a wide range of clothing types.

Guangzhou Baima leisure clothing wholesale market

Baima clothing market is invested and constructed by Guangzhou urban construction and development group. The market is located on zhannan Road, which is close to Guangzhou railway station. The existing construction area is 60000 square meters, with 10 floors, including 4-storey shopping mall, 5-storey office building and 1-floor underground parking lot. Baima clothing market

The spot wholesale and retail center of high-end clothing is also the chain franchise center of clothing brands. Wholesale and retail, sample order, monopoly agent, chain franchise and other trading methods are available.

Shanghai Qipu road leisure clothing wholesale market

Qipu Road clothing wholesale market is located in the central city of Shanghai, in the southeast of Zhabei District, with Henan North Road as the boundary, adjacent to Hongkou District. Shanghai's retail industry is too developed. The retail channel is far stronger than the wholesale channel, even including the network channel, whether it is Taobao or eBay

We should be deeply grateful to Shanghai as a strategic market, which has cultivated too many sellers and buyers. There is a strange phenomenon that Shanghai never produces imitation brand goods. In terms of source advantage, Shanghai can not compare with Guangdong. However, both domestic retail and overseas big sellers are the earliest and best sellers

The seller is often from Shanghai!

Wuhan Hanzheng Street leisure clothing wholesale market

Hanzheng Street business district to do clothing wholesale markets are: mouse street, Duofu road center mall, Wanshang Baima, brand clothing Plaza, Maku, dajiaxia, Xinxin street, First Avenue, circulation lane and other clothing wholesale markets. Moreover, Hanzheng Street is prosperous in commerce and trade, and the surrounding tourism landscape features

Since 2001, investors from Shanghai Vanke, Zhejiang Longteng, Wuhan Chunjiang, Gansu Continental Bridge and Wuhan Xudong have invested in Hanzheng Street, covering an area of more than 270 mu,

The construction area is more than 450000 meters and the investment is nearly 2 billion yuan.

Chongqing Chaotianmen leisure clothing wholesale market

Chongqing Chaotianmen wholesale market is dominated by low and medium-sized commodities. However, in order to improve the quality of market operation, the management units intend to guide the merchants to operate some high-grade commodities, and hope that the market operation mode will gradually change from wholesale and retail to wholesale. Business type:

Clothing, textile fabrics, accessories, shoes and hats, daily chemicals, clocks, bags, knitwear, small goods, plastic products, bedding, cultural goods, office supplies, children's toys, leather products, secondary consumer goods and so on.

Hangzhou Jiubao Sijiqing leisure clothing wholesale market

In August 2008, when the Beijing Olympic Games opened ceremoniously, Hangzhou will also usher in an important milestone in the process of building an international fashion capital: Jiubao Sijiqing clothing trading center, a "super aircraft carrier" synchronized with international fashion, will officially open. Jiubao Sijiqing clothing market

Under the guidance of the "double thinking" education, we are conscientiously implementing the policy of "invigorating the market with quality", and promote the transformation of the market from the expansion of quantity to the improvement of quality, so as to achieve double harvest of economic and social benefits and make new contributions to the development of market economy.

Guangzhou Shahe leisure clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou Shahe clothing wholesale market is one of the three major clothing wholesale distribution centers in Guangzhou. The business circle of Shahe clothing wholesale market mainly includes Nancheng, Beicheng, Wanjia, Yimin, Jinma, charming Oriental cowboy town, Fuli, Changyun center, women's street and daxihao in e-commerce. Shahe River

Clothing merchants are generally self-produced and sold, so they usually make as many pieces as they sell in a day, so when they see the goods they are satisfied with, if they are in stock, they will take them immediately. This is very eye-catching. Otherwise, when you go to pick up some hot-selling items, you can get them

They can only be picked up the next day or the day after the order is placed.

Xi'an Kangfu road leisure clothing wholesale market

Kangfu road wholesale market is the largest comprehensive wholesale market in Northwest China. It was founded in 1984 and located in Changle West Road, east of Xi'an city. Kangfu Road business district includes clothing, underwear, shoes and daily necessities. Many Shaanxi Province and even five provinces in Northwest China operate as general agents

Businesses set up boutique writing rooms on Kangfu road. On the basis of the combination of non brand and ordinary brand operators, more and more famous and high-quality brands have settled in Kangfu Road, and a large number of general agent business operators in Shaanxi Province, even in the five northwest provinces, have settled in succession

Kangfu road set up a boutique writing room.

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