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Top Down Jacket Market List In China

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Down jackets belong to winter clothes  serious which is a major product for the cold zones human beings. Becaus of the excellent supply chains in China, so we have enough power to supply the most competitive down jecket from different factories round China Markets.

Down Jacket

Hangzhou style down clothing market

Hangpai boutique clothing market is located at No. 68, hanghai Road, the golden section of urban area. Hangzhou is the largest clothing trade center. The market is divided into eight layers, 1-3 floors are women's clothing sales window, mainly for wholesale, retail, ordering, to fully meet the needs of clothing operators;

The 4th-8th floor is the business negotiation and boutique exhibition hall of various brands, which gathers Hangzhou style, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Guangdong and other boutique women's wear.

Henan Jindong down clothing City

Jindong down clothing city is a professional clothing wholesale market mainly engaged in special clothing. Jindong international investment group and five well-known enterprises in Guangzhou jointly invested and established! There are two kinds of goods: 1. Discount according to the tag price of the brand; 2. According to the quantity and quantity of the goods, there is a discount

To add: the way to get the goods is bulk and packing.

Hankou north down jacket wholesale market

Wuhan Hankou North wholesale first city (also known as Hankou north international commodity trading center): Hankou north core start project Hankou north down clothing wholesale No.1 city was built by Wuhan Zhuoer enterprise Hankou North group, Hong Kong international financial investment institutions and Yiwu market teams

"Hankou North wholesale first city", located in Wuhan panlongcheng economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total construction area of 3.8 million square meters!

Hangzhou Zhongzhou fine down women's wear

Hangzhou Zhongzhou boutique women's clothing city covers an area of more than 10088 square meters, with 220 standard business shops. The first and second floors are for boutique clothing stalls, the third, fourth and fifth floor are boutique clothing exhibition halls, and the underground is parking and supporting service area. Say a small skill to get goods in Zhongzhou! Momentum matters.

When you enter the wholesale market, if you look like that kind of smart big businessman at a glance, and don't have to bargain with yourself, those wholesalers will naturally try to curry favor with such a big customer. So the new comer should learn to pretend to be aggressive.

Chongqing Chaotianmen down clothing wholesale market

Chongqing Chaotianmen wholesale market is dominated by low and medium-sized commodities. However, in order to improve the quality of market operation, the management units intend to guide the merchants to operate some high-grade commodities, and hope that the market operation mode will gradually change from wholesale and retail to wholesale. market

With an area of 370000 square meters, the market has 26 trading areas, more than 10000 business households and more than 15000 stalls. Among them, thousands of operators are businessmen from other provinces and cities in the mainland. It is the largest wholesale market for daily industrial products in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Beijing Tianya down jacket wholesale market

Tianya building is a unique platform for displaying and trading brand clothing and boutique clothing in Beijing,

And clothing culture exchange, promotion, European and American fashion trend research, release information gathering center.

Dalian Dayang down jacket wholesale market

After the completion of Dalian Dayang clothing wholesale market, it will become the largest clothing exclusive trading market in Northeast China. Its business scope will expand to the national and international markets, and its development prospect is promising for all walks of life. More than 6700 varieties of clothing, knitting, textiles and other 18 categories are operated.

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