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Top Computer Accessory Market List In China

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Now computer is a normal and necessery tools in our daily life or work, so it is developping very fast all over the world. Because of the advantages of our China supply chains so we have a lot of computer device markets. If you want to come to China or you are in some place of China you can get the nearest purchasing markets. For the bulk purchasing we advice you can check out some factories or agents to help you easily.

apple pc accessery market

Hangzhou hi tech computer wholesale market

In Hangzhou hi tech computer digital market, e-news computer suppliers mainly sell computers, computer accessories and so on. They look like the national market, and their customers are small and medium-sized enterprises. They constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and establish a good social image in the development of enterprises. With mature technology and professional level.

The market will always adhere to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first". With scientific management means and strong technical force, the market will continuously deepen the reform, innovate the mechanism, adapt to the market and develop in an all-round way! Market location: High Tech Computer City, 345 Wensan Road, Hangzhou.

Wuhan guangbutun computer wholesale market

Wuhan guangbutun computer city is the earliest and largest computer IT product brand machine market in Wuhan. Backed by Huazhong Normal University, it stretches more than 200 meters along Luoyu Road, the main road of Wuchang, with a total construction area of nearly 40000 square meters and a large square in front of the gate of 4600 square meters.

There are more than 300 brand machine shops and special maintenance stations here. There are five supermarkets, namely brand notebook computers, digital cameras and printer consumables, computer tables and chairs, and it product maintenance. They provide one-stop service for it products and online direct purchase business. Most of them are high-grade brand goods and can cut prices.

Address: North Gate of China Normal University, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

Putian computer wholesale market

Fujian Sanxin group is a real estate based comprehensive group enterprise, involving engineering construction, architectural design, property management, decoration engineering, electronic city management and other industries. In line with the business purpose of "leading it fashion" and serving businesses and consumers,

Based on the long-term building of "Putian electronic first city" brand. Make Putian Electronic City really become the aircraft carrier leading Putian IT industry!

Ruian Yigao computer wholesale market

Ruian Yigao Digital Plaza is located in Huachang building, Yanjiang East Road, adjacent to the south gate and the Bund. It is 500 meters away from Yuhai square and 200 meters from Hongqiao South Road. It is convenient for public transportation in the urban area. Buses 1, 3, 5 and 8 can get off at Yanjiang East Road station. There are two levels of the market,

The first floor is the boutique exhibition area of brand image store, and the second floor is DIY computer area, consumables area and digital comprehensive area, with a total business area of 2000 square meters. Market address: Huachang building, Yanjiang East Road, Ruian City (South Gate of Hongqiao Road).

computer market

Zhuhai wanchaisha computer wholesale market

Zhuhai wanchaisha computer city advocates the integrated management of stores and office buildings. All the influential IT products in China can be found here. Moreover, the high-tech products of many manufacturers are first released and sold in this market. Zhuhai wanchaisha computer city is located in

Since its opening in 1998, Xianghe District, an important commercial area in Zhuhai, has entered a stage of rapid development. For a while, it has become the most trusted computer city brand of Zhuhai consumers.

Wenzhou new century computer wholesale market

At present, Wenzhou computer market has four major IT chain operation markets, with a total business area of 23000 square meters. Nearly 500 computer enterprises have settled in the market, and more than 6000 computer professionals have been recruited and trained. It is a combination of commodity flow, capital flow, information flow and talent flow,

Its influence radiates to the professional computer market in southern Zhejiang and Northern Fujian. It was once praised by Qian Xingzhong, mayor of Wenzhou municipal government, as the symbol of Wenzhou's development from small commodity market to high-tech and diversified market. Market address: No.253, computer market, new century building, Renmin Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Chongqing Taixing Wanzhou communication computer wholesale market

Taixing Wanzhou communication computer city, Chongqing Wanzhou department store purchase and supply station, was registered and established in 2001. The company address is no.420, Baiyan Road, Wanzhou District, Chongqing. After transformation - 1F will mainly deal in consumables, accessories, software, etc.; 1F mainly deals in brand computers, notebook computers and office equipment;

2F is mainly engaged in DIY computers and related accessories; 3F is mainly engaged in it maintenance and second-hand computers.

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Futian computer accessories wholesale market

Located in Shenzhen's bustling Futian street, near Luohu pass. Before 2010, there were very large electronic parts companies and market customers. At present, due to the development of China's e-commerce, many physical stores are transforming to online, so the market heat is slightly lower than before.

But the larger channel information is still in the market.

Guangzhou Nanfang building electronic accessories wholesale market

It is the largest wholesale market of electronic accessories and electrical appliances in southern China, which has a very important relationship with Guangzhou's historical international sales status and the base number of international purchasers.

More Markets you can check our BLOGS or ask our sales to help you out.

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