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Top 7 Textle Fabric Fashion Product Markets In China

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With the gloable development, more adults focus on their fashion products, such as clothing,hats, socks, sunglasses, wathes, shoes and so on. So we collect more markets for your great fashion trading market sources to guild you well.


Haiyan foreign trade wholesale city

Haiyan wholesale city, the side door for the entrance, the first floor to the fifth floor for business space, the overall business area is not large, the old-fashioned shopping mall environment, each floor is some small stalls, the area is also very small. The building is very old, and the business environment is very ordinary, but this kind of market is because of its high price

Words make a name! Haiyan makes pure women's wear, no casual dress, pretty girl's dress, all women's fashion, some accessories and a small number of shoes.

guangzhou market

Guangzhou Kangle Fashion Plaza

Guangzhou Kangle Fashion Plaza is located at No. 921 Renmin North Road, Yuexiu District, mainly engaged in clothing. Adjacent to Guangzhou railway station and facing China Export Commodities Fair, it is a well-known professional wholesale market for jeans and casual clothes at home and abroad. At present, Guangzhou Kangle jeans fashion city is mainly engaged in various types of jeans

There are thousands of casual clothing brands, 70% of which are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. It is the largest foreign trade market of jeans in China, known as "the first city of Chinese jeans".

Shanghai chaofeijie foreign trade clothing wholesale market

Shanghai chaofeijie clothing wholesale market is located at 368 Qipu Road (at the junction of Qipu road and Fujian north road). In recent years, with the careful planning and strong support of Zhabei District government, Shanghai Qipu Road clothing wholesale market has undergone a qualitative transformation and leap.

From the traditional shops along the street to a large modern professional clothing wholesale building, it has gradually become one of the most professional wholesale markets in Shanghai. To build a shopping paradise with an international urban commercial appearance will surely bring unprecedented wealth. A brand new

With a strong market radiation function, mainly foreign trade clothing wholesale market, set shopping, tourism, leisure and many other functions in one clothing large circulation business center is rising.

Shenzhen wanghong foreign trade clothing wholesale market

Shenzhen wanghong foreign trade clothing wholesale market is located in Baoan North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The market is surrounded by convenient transportation environment, complete equipment in the market, a wide range of foreign trade clothing for the majority of new and old customers to choose. Shenzhen wanghong clothing wholesale

The market was moved to the fourth floor of Buji Longzhu mall on April 1, 2013. The geographical location is extremely superior. The business orientation of the market is mainly medium and low grade, mainly engaged in foreign trade clothing.

Cangzhou Baofeng foreign trade wholesale market

Cangzhou Baofeng mall Co., Ltd. is also known as Cangzhou mall. It is the largest indoor wholesale and retail market with modern level in Cangzhou City. It is located in the center of Xiaonanmen commercial district, Xinhua Middle Road, Cangzhou City. The total construction area of the market is 35000 square meters, and there are 2180 business places,

It is one of the key construction projects of Cangzhou City and one of the foreign trade markets of Hebei Province during the Ninth Five Year Plan period.

Guangzhou Canan foreign trade clothing wholesale market

Located at No. 94-122, Guangyuan West Road, Guangzhou, Canaan foreign trade clothing city covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, with more than 3000 square meters of parking lots and warehouses. Canaan foreign trade clothing city is the leading enterprise in Guangzhou foreign trade clothing market. Main foreign trade jeans clothing

Leisure water washing clothing, fashion sports clothing, knitting, carding and weaving, children's clothing fashion.

zhili market

China Zhili foreign trade children's clothing City

Zhili China foreign trade children's clothing city is located in Zhili Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 600 mu, with a total construction area of more than 700000 square meters and a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. It is a provincial and municipal key project, and has been awarded "China's most valuable investment" by China Market Research Institute and China commercial real estate forum group committee

Commercial real estate project "is another five-star professional market and 4A level tourist shopping area after Yiwu China Commodity City, Keqiao China Textile City and Haining China Leather City.

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