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Top 10 Children Baby Product Wholesale Market List In China

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Many countries now focus on the new borns' rate for the future development. So here it have great baby or children product collection business, if you need to come to China for such kids collection item purchasings you can check out the top markets in China or you can ask your agent about the differences on factory and market.

baby items market

Shenzhen Children's world wholesale market

Children's world began to decorate in August 2002. It expanded from the original two-story commercial building to the current three-story commercial building, with the business area expanded from 4000 square meters to more than 6000 square meters. In the course of the original store in store business process, after continuous exploration,

In order to meet the needs of children in the world, it is necessary to constantly improve the company's research and standardize its management to meet the needs of children in the world.

Zhuo Rong children's department store wholesale market

Zhuo Rong foreign trade children's department store wholesale city is located in Xinhong street, next to Zhongshan No.8 bus terminal. It mainly deals with children's clothing and toys, mostly foreign trade receipts and so on. More than 400 businesses have gathered in the scene, and many Japanese, Korean, European and American brands have entered the Park,

You can find your children's favorite products in Zhuo Rong Ding!

Guangzhou Liansheng International Children's products wholesale market

Guangzhou Liansheng International Children's products trading center is the only comprehensive wholesale market for children's products in Guangzhou, with a total construction area of more than 70000 square meters. Liansheng wholesale center business philosophy: "brand management, customer first" is always pursued business management philosophy, in line with the principle of good faith and mutual benefit,

According to the requirements of merchants, we should provide diversified services, always maintain a comfortable, safe and harmonious business environment, and create a strong business atmosphere. In the process of operation, the whole store is continuously packaged, publicized and promoted to the whole world, and provides perfect exhibition services for customers

Manufacturers, brand agents, distributors and purchasers participate in the purchase and sales activities.

Wuhan International Children's products wholesale market

Wuhan Meiqi International Children's city is located in Hankou, Wuhan, where the traditional business is flourishing. Zhongshan Avenue and Minyi No.4 road meet each other. The location advantage is very obvious. Zhongshan Avenue is the main road in Hankou Central District of Wuhan city. It is a traditional commercial section in Wuhan, with dense commercial network,

Commercial radiation range is wide. Wuhan Meiqi International Children's city is located in a famous large-scale comprehensive property in Wuhan, developed by Wuhan Dilong Economic Development Co., Ltd., with a total construction area of nearly 200000 square meters! Meiqi International Children's city is located in its podium, including seven floors above ground, ground floor

There is a basement floor with a total construction area of nearly 80000 square meters.

children product market

Yiwu children's small commodity wholesale market

Yiwu children's small commodity wholesale market zone 1 is a modern wholesale market built by China's small commodity city to meet the needs of market internationalization, with a total investment of 700 million yuan. It was completed and put into use on September 28, 2002. The market covers an area of 420 Mu and a construction area of 340000 square meters,

It has five business areas, namely, main market, direct sales center of production enterprises, commodity purchasing center, storage center and catering center, with more than 9000 business places and more than 11000 business households. The first floor of the main market of the first district of the international trade city mainly deals in flowers (imitation flowers), flower accessories, plush toys

Inflatable toys, electric toys and ordinary toys!

Hefei jiulongzhu children's City

Jiulongzhu children's city is located on Zhanqian Road, Hefei New Station District, opposite to the railway station square; it guards the entrance and exit gates of roads and railways, and has convenient transportation; Hefei modern logistics park is close to each other, with convenient logistics; 18 urban bus lines take this as the starting point, leading to all directions; occupy the planned city

The starting point of the East longitudinal line of light rail is the first shop on the first road in front of the station. With a business area of more than 20000 square meters, it has launched more than 600 boutique shops of 20-200 square meters at a time. Now, 361 domestic and foreign brand manufacturers of children's products have signed their intention to enter the park, and Ningbo Huarui Real Estate Co., Ltd

Build it.

Hebei Shijiazhuang Lele children's world

The mall is located under the ground floor of the commercial square in the center of Nansantiao market. It mainly deals with the hot selling children's products in the market, covering an area of 2800 square meters. The perfect fire-fighting facilities and humanized market management mechanism provide consumers with a relaxed and safe shopping environment. Business scope of the first floor

Plush toys, toys, baby carriage layer business scope: knitting, children's wear, hats, socks, gloves, department stores and other goods: toys, children's wear, clothing, shoes and hats, etc

If you need more information about the markets or direct factory or agent service on it please contact our professional sales team to help you.

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