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Goverment Action On Yiwu Ecommerce Development Of Live Streams

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     In order to adapt to the new trend of e-commerce development, promote the leapfrog development of live e-commerce, innovate new business models, and boost the construction of Yiwu International trade comprehensive reform pilot zone, this action plan is hereby formulated.

1、 Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, we focus on the international first class business environment template City, the international model city featuring the world's "small commodity capital", give full play to the advantages of China's small commodity market, build a first-class network red product supply chain system as the core, and introduce high-quality red resources as the starting point to standardize the development of branding. Focus on improving the new ecology of live e-commerce industry and actively cultivating new driving forces for economic development.

2、 Development goals

We will promote the implementation of the "ten million million" project, build 10 live e-commerce industrial belts, cultivate 100 live broadcasting institutions with demonstration and driving effect, create 1000 online celebrity brands, and train 10000 people with goods. We will become a national well-known e-commerce marketing center, a "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" center, and a main gathering center of the supply chain of online celebrities. We will strive to achieve the transaction volume of live e-commerce in 2022 More than 100 billion yuan.

3、 Main tasks

(1) Talent training action

1. Widely carry out universal training. Organize market operators, business enterprises and industrial enterprises to carry out online popular live broadcast training for more than 100000 person times, guide all kinds of practitioners to master the basic knowledge of live e-commerce, promote the concept change and adapt to the new marketing mode. (responsible units: human resources and Social Security Bureau, market development commission)

2. Strengthen professional skills training. Relying on professional live broadcast e-commerce training institutions, we will carry out personalized and professional skill training for live broadcast e-commerce practitioners, improve the professional level and cargo carrying ability of new anchors, and train 500 mid waist and above online celebrities, and 10000 delivery talents. (responsible units: Market Development Commission, human resources and Social Security Bureau, mall group, market group)

3. Vigorously implement college training. All kinds of colleges and universities in Yiwu should strengthen the construction of professional courses of online live broadcasting, build an entrepreneurship incubation base for webcast live e-commerce and a national talent transfer station for live broadcast e-commerce talents, and create a talent cultivation and Training Center for live broadcast e-commerce. We will strengthen cooperation with major colleges and universities across the country, attract 10000 college students to come to Italy for internship, training, entrepreneurship and employment every year, and establish a customized talent training mechanism for webcast. (responsible units: human resources and Social Security Bureau, Education Bureau, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, Zhejiang e-commerce college, Zhejiang electromechanical Technician College)

(2) The leading action of subject

4. Strengthen cooperation with well-known platforms.

    Tiktok and Taobao live, live together with Taobao live, Kwai, and other live broadcast platforms to strengthen a number of live broadcast platform regional service centers, and carry out various kinds of live broadcast activities every year, to achieve the transformation and utilization of traffic advantages, expand our city's product sales and brand promotion channels. (responsible units: Market Development Committee, economic and Information Bureau, industrial platform, mall group)

5. Attract online live broadcast service providers. 

    Attract more than 50 domestic high-quality live broadcasting e-commerce service institutions, continuously improve the service level of live broadcasting e-commerce in our city, and improve the supporting services of e-commerce industry such as "live broadcast + content + e-commerce". (responsible unit: Market Development Committee, industrial platform)

6. Make the live broadcast e-commerce enterprises bigger and stronger. We will vigorously cultivate the live broadcast e-commerce enterprises in our city, improve the live broadcast ability and application level of online celebrities, cultivate 1000 live e-commerce enterprises with an annual cargo volume of more than 10 million, and make the main body of live broadcast e-commerce in our city bigger and stronger. (responsible unit: Market Development Commission)

(3) Construction of industrial base

7. Expand industrial development space. 

    Various industrial platforms and state-owned enterprises can speed up the construction of "Internet red building" through rent reduction and other means, and give priority to land and other resources for live e-commerce projects. (responsible unit: sasao, industrial platforms) all towns and streets should coordinate the resources of industrial, commercial, warehousing and logistics land, build a three-level development carrier of "Park building village", and provide more than 1 million square meters of industrial development space within three years. (responsible units: (all towns and streets, economic and Information Bureau, natural resources and Planning Bureau, market development commission)

8. Create an industrial belt of online live broadcasting. 

    Relying on the advantages of jewelry, clothing, beauty, toys and other industries, we will cultivate more than 10 live e-commerce industrial belts with outstanding characteristics and obvious driving force. (responsible units: Economic and Information Bureau, market development committee, towns and streets, mall group, market group)

(4) Supply chain building action

9. Build a live e-commerce supply chain enterprise. 

    Organize and carry out "million net products" and "spring thunder plan" special actions, guide market operators and industrial enterprises to increase the supply of high-quality online goods, and cultivate more than 100 high-quality supply chain enterprises with standardized brand construction as the starting point. (responsible units: Bureau of economy and information technology, bureau of market supervision, market development commission, and mall group)

10. Build a cluster of online red products supply platform. 

      Improve the function of "chinagoods" platform, and gather a batch of "high quality, good price and all kinds of good products" from the source. We will build a number of big data online Red selection products and online goods trading platforms, realize the accurate docking of online red goods production and marketing, and cultivate a supply platform cluster of online red products with annual sales of more than 10 billion. (responsible unit: mall group, market development committee)

11. Cultivate online brand. 

      Make use of the advantages of live e-commerce brand building, improve the online red brand selection criteria, promote the integration and development of traditional brands and online Red brands, and cultivate more than 1000 online Red brands with certain popularity. (responsible units: Market Supervision Bureau, economic and Information Bureau, market development commission)

(5) Industry empowerment action

12. Enabling physical wholesale market. 

     Taking advantage of the characteristics of live e-commerce with few intermediate links, direct transaction mode, online and offline integration and interaction, we should carry out strategic cooperation between the real market and the whole platform and the whole industrial chain of live e-commerce, cultivate more than 6000 "online celebrities" and promote the reform of marketing formats in the physical market. (responsible units: mall group, market group)

13. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional business field. 

      Taking advantage of the advantages of large-scale supermarket brands and offline physical stores, the city's large-scale supermarkets are organized to carry out live video with goods Festival and other activities, so as to improve the ability and level of merchants to apply live e-commerce, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the city's traditional commerce and trade industry. (responsible units: Bureau of Commerce, market development commission)

14. Create diversified live e-commerce application scenarios. 

      In the accommodation, catering, tourism and other industries, we will innovate and carry out live e-commerce activities, develop a new mode of "online drainage + physical consumption", promote the integration of live broadcasting, VR and AR technology, and improve the consumption experience. (responsible units: Bureau of culture, broadcasting, tourism and sports, bureau of market supervision, bureau of agriculture and rural areas, bureau of Commerce)

15. Help agricultural products go up. 

      Gather national agricultural product resources, use live e-commerce to sell high-quality agricultural products and unsalable agricultural products in rural areas, so as to increase the income of rural areas. We will accelerate the project of "one hundred counties and ten thousand products" and create a brand of counterpart support in Yiwu. (responsible units: market group, development and Reform Bureau, market development commission)

(6) Atmosphere building action

16. Hold various forums and activities. 

      In order to expand Yiwu's popularity and influence in the field of live e-commerce, Yiwu will cooperate with major live e-commerce platforms to hold well-known live e-commerce summit and professional forum in the industry, and carry out a national live broadcast with goods competition. (responsible units: Market Development Committee, human resources and Social Security Bureau, towns and streets, mall group, market group)

17. Strengthen public opinion propaganda. 

      Make use of all kinds of news media resources to vigorously publicize the development of our city's online Red live e-commerce industry, and establish industry benchmarks such as online celebrity brands and online celebrities, so as to create a strong atmosphere for the development of live e-commerce. (responsible units: Publicity Department, financial media center, market development committee)

(7) Standard promotion action

18. Build industry benchmark. 

      Establish the standard system of "honest and standardized operation" for online Red live e-commerce; (responsible unit: Market Supervision Bureau) carry out industry benchmarking evaluation every year by means of government guidance, association organization and social participation; (responsible unit: Market Development Committee) formulate evaluation standards for skilled personnel to promote the sustainable and healthy development of live e-commerce industry. (responsible unit: human resources and Social Security Bureau)

19. Purify the market environment. 

      Adhere to the combination of online and offline, effectively solve the problem of untrue information about goods, services, prices and other information released by live e-commerce operators, and crack down on illegal acts such as infringement of intellectual property rights and counterfeiting and shoddy products in accordance with the law. (responsible units: Market Supervision Bureau, market development commission)

(8) Mode innovation action

20. Carry out business model innovation.

       Support the innovation of business models such as "online Red + bonded", "online Red + cross-border", "online Red + new retail", and guide the import and export of cross-border e-commerce to enhance the competitiveness and market share at home and abroad. (responsible unit of commercial city group)

21. Explore the innovation of management mode. We will support all kinds of enterprises to build webcast platforms, carry out mode innovation based on big data and modern supply chain management technology, and explore the reform and innovation of registration, qualification certification, tax management, financial services and other mechanisms in the development of live e-commerce. (responsible units: Market Supervision Bureau, culture, broadcasting, tourism and Sports Bureau, financial office, tax bureau)

(9) Element support action

22. Improve supporting policies. 

      We will further improve the supporting policies, and give support to the well-known live broadcast platforms, large-scale online celebrity service agencies, and "online celebrities" with their own traffic in finance, taxation, talent purchase, and children's enrollment. Every year, we will make overall arrangements for special financial support funds to fully support the development of new formats of live e-commerce. (responsible units: Market Development Commission, human resources and Social Security Bureau, Finance Bureau, Education Bureau)

23. Strengthen communication guarantee.

     Comprehensively promote the construction of 5g network, strengthen the overall coordination and planning layout, and realize the 5g full coverage of the live e-commerce industrial belt. (responsible units: Economic and Information Bureau, telecommunication company, mobile company, China Unicom)

4、 Safeguard measures

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. A leading group for the development of live broadcasting e-commerce will be established with the leaders in charge of the municipal government as the group leader and the heads of all towns, streets and relevant departments as members to regularly study major projects and important matters of live e-commerce, and timely coordinate and solve problems and difficulties in the development process of live e-commerce.

(2) Strengthen development research. Set up a think tank for the live e-commerce industry, fully learn advanced experience, carry out research on the development planning of the live e-commerce industry, and put forward constructive suggestions for the industry development, so as to promote the development of the live e-commerce industry in our city.

(3) Strengthen supervision and assessment. Each unit shall, in combination with its own responsibilities and division of responsibilities, define the annual work objectives, schedule and responsible person. The market development committee will incorporate the development of live e-commerce into the market development assessment system and report the completion of tasks to ensure the high-quality completion of various tasks.

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